What We Believe

We are the Church of the Warm Heart, Meridian United Methodist Church, and everyone is welcome. Everything we do is wrapped around our mission statement: Loving all. Changing Hearts. Transforming Lives.

God loves us and we as a church must love all, including God, ourselves, and the people in our lives. We are all imperfect and we want to create an environment for God to be able to continually change hearts. The mission statement for all United Methodist Churches of the world is to “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” We want to be the hands and feet of God in His work to transform lives.

Our Vision

We are on a journey to better understand our God and our relationship with God. We want our beliefs to guide our day-to-day actions and so that we can communicate our belief to an unbelieving world.

Pursuit of Vision

We rely primarily on the Bible. We can learn from tradition. We interpret the Bible based on people’s experience and we understand our experience based on the Bible. We have gained knowledge and the ability to reason, to organize, to make sense of, and to communicate the Gospel to others.

Our detailed beliefs as a United Methodist Church can be found at www.umc.org.