Vision statement: To improve the health of the people in our congregation.

Our Health and Wellness Ministry involves nurses in our congregation in the spiritual dimension of nursing as well as the physical, psychological and social dimensions. Health and Wellness nurses collaborate with church leaders and lay chaplains to form partnerships to offer a variety of nursing practices to promote wholeness in our congregation.

Lisa Miller | Minister of Congregational Care | [email protected]

The roles of our nurses might include:

    • Health Educator, providing educational programs to the congregation such as health screenings and illness prevention.
    • Health Counselor, providing individual health counseling services in the home or long-term care facility.
    • “Navigator” or “Advocate” assisting congregation members in finding their way through healthcare systems.
    • Referral Agent, finding resources and making referrals to agencies, organizations and support services to improve quality of life.
    • Developer of Support Groups, initiating and organizing groups designed to assist the participants with a specific issue.
    • Liaison between families and their elderly parents in care facilities.
    • Support for families in various situations involving health and wellness concerns from postpartum to parenting issues.

Note: Health and Wellness Nurses do not prescribe drugs or do medical procedures. They offer themselves as a blessing to our congregation in a compassionate advisory and liaison capacity only

ALL our Health and Wellness nurses are RN’s and we have a doctor and a social worker on the committee in an advisory capacity. Below is the list of nurses in our church whom you may contact when you have healthcare questions:

Cathy Peterson (RN)

Sue Mattison (RN)

Amy Yun (RN)

Irma Atkinson (Social Worker)

Faye Gabriel – (Chairman: Lay Chaplains)