We had several Warm Heart Church Members help out at the “Help Build Hope” event.

Our volunteers were: Rob Tulloch, Brad Carlson, Lisa Miller, Jim Alexander, Bea Okamoto and Addison Biason.

Thank you for participating in the Help Build Hope project on July 15 at the Cathedral of the Rockies!  It was a great day that made a difference in your community and the lives of the two families who will receive the walls of the houses you worked on.

Check out the pictures of your event at this Facebook page:

HBH Cathedral of the Rockies

Your “hands on” contribution to this project is only the beginning of the blessing that will be derived from your work.  Your walls will enable families (like the two families below) to enjoy the comforts of home and hold the memories of shared life for generations to come.  More importantly, what you’ve done has built lifelong partnerships, fueled the rejuvenation of communities and proven again that Christ makes all the difference when we love, serve and give in His name.

Thanks to Bea Okamoto for providing the four pictures below.


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